Saturday, April 4, 2009

Joshua Fighting For His Life

Joshua was admitted into the PICU on March 14th 2009. He had developed a Staff infection in his face as well as his left index finger. Josh went into Septic Shock while in the ER. His blood pressure was 48/23, heart rate 192 beats per minute and his temperature was 105.1. Needless to say Josh was in trouble. The doctors had to put IV lines in each foot and in his hands. The nurses had to push mass amounts of fluid into his system to try and stabilize his blood pressure. Meanwhile Josh was transferred up to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). After long hours of steroid therapy, Josh became stable the next morning. The Doctors were blown away at how well he had done. Josh was transferred to the Cancer floor the next day, where he underwent more steroid therapy and overcame this horrid infection that could have taken his life.

Joshua in the PICU fighting for his life!

Joshua recovering in PICU.

Looking better with each day!

Smiling all the way!

Joshua just 3 days after Septic Shock!

Thank you to all you who prayed for Josh!

He has made it through another trial to fight another day!

This is our little family. Joshua, Mommy and David. Joshua 7 and David 9.